Karl Sjöholm aka Xeleven is a Swedish Music Producer currently residing in United States.


He has an electronic sound often hyped with Hip Hop drums and elements of guitars.


Xeleven got his technical training in Audio Engineering at Full Sail University. After his schooling he furthered his skills at major recording studios in the heart of NYC such as:: Quad Recording Studios, Engine Room Audio, and Premier Studios, in where he really embraced the culture of Hip Hop working for high-profile clientele like:

Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, etc.


He has gained success through being featured on several major radio stations like Hot97 and B98.5 and has garnered millions of streams throughout the web. Today, Xeleven dedicates most of his time at his own recording studio Xeleven Music where he is working with other artists and constantly sharpening his craft.


Xeleven is extremely passionate about making beautiful and heartfelt music to inspire others.


"What is a Feeling without a Lie?" - K Sjöholm

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